Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to remove fuzzies from fleece leggings and how I saved 68% on fleece leggings

If you love your fleece leggings as much as I do, you probably wear them as often as you can. And if you love your fleece leggings as much as I do, I'll bet you were kind of bummed when they started getting fuzzies on them. Lint roller -- won't work! The answer? Disposable razors. 

And for the added bonus, if you got your Sunday newspaper this week in Oklahoma you may have found the coupon for Bic Disposable Razors. Didn't get it? You can get one here. You can almost find these deals at least once a month and sometimes they are even better than this, often times enabling you to coupon them down to $1 or $2 per pack. 

I went to my local CVS where this week the razors are BOGO 50% off. I bought two, and used two coupons since I had one from each newspaper that I bought. One for each pack of razors. On top of that I used some extra care reward bucks that I had sitting around, $3.00 worth, which made my total $5.21 with tax for 8 razors. If you don't have any extracare reward bucks, $8.21 is still not bad for 8 razors... you're still saving about $8.10. 

How did I do it? 

I took a razor and while I was wearing the leggings I carefully ran the razor over the fuzzies in the same motion that I shave my legs and VOILA! Smooth pretty leggings once again! If you are not very skilled with a disposable razor I suggest possibly not doing it while you are wearing the leggings. If you do it when you aren't wearing the leggings, hold the leggings tight and run the razor over them gently. BE CAREFUL! Remember that you are using a razor -- it is sharp -- it can also tear holes.

Do this in a place that is easy to clean up the mess. I suggest somewhere with hard floors so you can sweep up the leftover fuzz. Oh the joy of soft and smooth leggings once again!

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