Friday, September 28, 2012

Pop of Color!

For this next little blog, I added a pop of color to my black wardrobe. I'm definitely a fan of black and beige, but I need some color in my wardrobe on most days. All accessories are from Amaranth Collection, the top I got from Dillard's in 2008, my jeans are new jeans that are arriving this week -- stretch denim skinnies. LOVE them. The teal scarf -- sold out last week, but I will work on a re-order soon. :) Other colors are available online. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dress it up or Dress it Down!: Outfit of the Day

It's Wednesday! We have made it half way through the week. I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for your support. So many of you have been placing orders, and writing incredibly uplifting comments on the status updates and I cannot thank you enough for that! I couldn't do all of this without you all!! 

As you can see in the listings below I used some things I already had from years past: the sandals, heels, and jacket and I paired them with new things. I realized AFTER we left the park that I still had on my black camisole so I normally wouldn't wear that, I must have gotten distracted by my 30 second outfit changes in the 105 degree weather in the middle of the park. haha! 

Of course, you can always switch it up! Don't like the shoes I wore? Wear some of your favorites from your closet! These are just ideas of how to put this outfit to use in many different styles. 

What I used to style the Outfits: 

The Patterned Bib Dress $42.00
Outlaw Riding Boots $55.00
Accessories from Amaranth Collection
Shoes from Dolce Vita, Marshall's, and Amaranth Collection
Yellow Sweater Target Clearance Rack 2 years ago 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Style Blog: How to Carry one Wardrobe Piece from Summer to Fall.

Welcome!! :) I am so excited to embark on this new addition to the blog. We had fun shooting out in the 105 degree weather in a park yesterday. This shoot tested my ability to do 6 outfit changes in 20 minutes while fighting against the heat and trying to look good in pictures. 

The top that I chose was this magenta hi-low top from Amaranth Collection. It's a top that often customers come in and assume that they cannot wear. Don't rule out color for fall, it's still here and it's staying around. Pair your bright colors with neutrals as you start to style your fall looks. This is an adorable top that can be flattering on many different body types.

For this shoot I also used a camisole that I have literally had for 7 years from Charlotte Russe, and a pair of Dolce Vita sandals that I've had probably for about 4 years that I bought on sale at Dillard's. They are simple and black and haven't gone out of style so I keep wearing them and keeping loving them. 

Accessories add up in price so I used the same accessories throughout all of the outfit changes. You can use all of these accessories with so many outfits. Mix and match your bracelets, do the same with your necklaces. Branch out and be confident in what you choose to wear. You will glow when you trust your inner fashionista with your outfit choices everyday -- I think it helps too when you aren't feeling like you have to buy a new outfit for every new look you want. Right? 

The other items I used from Amaranth Collection: