Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to remove fuzzies from fleece leggings and how I saved 68% on fleece leggings

If you love your fleece leggings as much as I do, you probably wear them as often as you can. And if you love your fleece leggings as much as I do, I'll bet you were kind of bummed when they started getting fuzzies on them. Lint roller -- won't work! The answer? Disposable razors. 

And for the added bonus, if you got your Sunday newspaper this week in Oklahoma you may have found the coupon for Bic Disposable Razors. Didn't get it? You can get one here. You can almost find these deals at least once a month and sometimes they are even better than this, often times enabling you to coupon them down to $1 or $2 per pack. 

I went to my local CVS where this week the razors are BOGO 50% off. I bought two, and used two coupons since I had one from each newspaper that I bought. One for each pack of razors. On top of that I used some extra care reward bucks that I had sitting around, $3.00 worth, which made my total $5.21 with tax for 8 razors. If you don't have any extracare reward bucks, $8.21 is still not bad for 8 razors... you're still saving about $8.10. 

How did I do it? 

I took a razor and while I was wearing the leggings I carefully ran the razor over the fuzzies in the same motion that I shave my legs and VOILA! Smooth pretty leggings once again! If you are not very skilled with a disposable razor I suggest possibly not doing it while you are wearing the leggings. If you do it when you aren't wearing the leggings, hold the leggings tight and run the razor over them gently. BE CAREFUL! Remember that you are using a razor -- it is sharp -- it can also tear holes.

Do this in a place that is easy to clean up the mess. I suggest somewhere with hard floors so you can sweep up the leftover fuzz. Oh the joy of soft and smooth leggings once again!

Want some leggings of your own for $10.00? Click Here.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gift Card Winners Announced!

You all are so fabulous! There were so many entries, so I did not only choose a $50.00 Gift Card, I added an extra winner for a $25.00 Gift Card. You will also be receiving a confirmation email if you are one of the chosen winners with your online shopping code. Thanks for entering!  

Friday, September 28, 2012

Pop of Color!

For this next little blog, I added a pop of color to my black wardrobe. I'm definitely a fan of black and beige, but I need some color in my wardrobe on most days. All accessories are from Amaranth Collection, the top I got from Dillard's in 2008, my jeans are new jeans that are arriving this week -- stretch denim skinnies. LOVE them. The teal scarf -- sold out last week, but I will work on a re-order soon. :) Other colors are available online. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dress it up or Dress it Down!: Outfit of the Day

It's Wednesday! We have made it half way through the week. I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for your support. So many of you have been placing orders, and writing incredibly uplifting comments on the status updates and I cannot thank you enough for that! I couldn't do all of this without you all!! 

As you can see in the listings below I used some things I already had from years past: the sandals, heels, and jacket and I paired them with new things. I realized AFTER we left the park that I still had on my black camisole so I normally wouldn't wear that, I must have gotten distracted by my 30 second outfit changes in the 105 degree weather in the middle of the park. haha! 

Of course, you can always switch it up! Don't like the shoes I wore? Wear some of your favorites from your closet! These are just ideas of how to put this outfit to use in many different styles. 

What I used to style the Outfits: 

The Patterned Bib Dress $42.00
Outlaw Riding Boots $55.00
Accessories from Amaranth Collection
Shoes from Dolce Vita, Marshall's, and Amaranth Collection
Yellow Sweater Target Clearance Rack 2 years ago 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Style Blog: How to Carry one Wardrobe Piece from Summer to Fall.

Welcome!! :) I am so excited to embark on this new addition to the blog. We had fun shooting out in the 105 degree weather in a park yesterday. This shoot tested my ability to do 6 outfit changes in 20 minutes while fighting against the heat and trying to look good in pictures. 

The top that I chose was this magenta hi-low top from Amaranth Collection. It's a top that often customers come in and assume that they cannot wear. Don't rule out color for fall, it's still here and it's staying around. Pair your bright colors with neutrals as you start to style your fall looks. This is an adorable top that can be flattering on many different body types.

For this shoot I also used a camisole that I have literally had for 7 years from Charlotte Russe, and a pair of Dolce Vita sandals that I've had probably for about 4 years that I bought on sale at Dillard's. They are simple and black and haven't gone out of style so I keep wearing them and keeping loving them. 

Accessories add up in price so I used the same accessories throughout all of the outfit changes. You can use all of these accessories with so many outfits. Mix and match your bracelets, do the same with your necklaces. Branch out and be confident in what you choose to wear. You will glow when you trust your inner fashionista with your outfit choices everyday -- I think it helps too when you aren't feeling like you have to buy a new outfit for every new look you want. Right? 

The other items I used from Amaranth Collection: 


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amaranth Collection: The Why

Over the past six months, I have been approached with many questions (and comments) about Amaranth, "what is your business," "what do you do," "why amaranth," "you need a name that is easier to say" and so on... I have thought many ways about how to communicate all of this to all of you, even though I'm not a creative writing genius I'm going to start with some blogs. 

In all the who, what, why questions I feel as though the "why" is the biggest driving purpose behind Amaranth Collection. When some people approach me about this subject they often think I didn't give two thoughts that Amaranth isn't the easiest word for every person to pronounce. The purpose behind this business is not about pronunciation of the name, it is about the message, the purpose, the meaning behind it all. In high school, a class conversation on the meaning of names sparked interest inside of me.  The teacher spent an entire class period talking to us about the importance and power behind a name. He spoke about how he believed that he named his children with purpose because he had spent a lot of time focusing on the meaning of the names, praying over their purpose before they even came to be. 

My Freshman year of college, I was going through some things. I had just suffered what I believed was the worst breakup in the history of the universe (HA! little did I know that wouldn't be the end my life, just the beginning of a new and better version of my life), I was extremely ill for about 7 months before the doctors figured out the issue (Gallbladder! Really?), my family was going through a life-changing trial, and my friends from my childhood through high school seemed to instantly disappear. Freshman year, I was in the midst of building a new group of friends, learning how to trust, learning how to be less of an emotional mess, and learning how to be intentional with my actions. I didn't learn that last one right off the bat, but I can say I am now on a new wavelength and getting that life concept more and more everyday. It is a mind-blowing, world-changing concept my friends. Try it sometime.

Rewind back to the midst of the mess, this is where it all began. I thought about the class conversation and thought "that should be the same thing I do with whatever business I choose to start someday." I was at home one night just going over all of the things that had happened to me in a short period of time, thinking of how I could in some way turn my "mess into my message" as "they" say. I made lists of qualities that mattered to me, and I looked up meanings of different flowers because as a visual person I have always loved flowers. They are beautiful, bright in color, vibrant in scent, and most of the time they are given to create joy in someone's life. I wanted my company to create joy in people's lives. Yes, you can find joy in a new pair of shoes or a perfect new accessory too. :)

After many google searches, I eventually discovered this "flower" called Amaranth. Developing the bigger picture took quite a lot of time, thought, prayer, and research. Each new search of amaranth talked about the meaning, "fidelity," "unfading." The more I read the more I connected. I had to look up the pronunciation too.  How cool! A flower/plant with powerful meaning, it doesn't only exist to be beautiful, it serves purpose for a source of nutrition because it is also a grain. Loyalty, never fading, sustenance. Heck yeah! That's my kind of flower right there! I set all of my notes aside after a few long nights having no idea that it would turn into anything. Having no vision comparable to what would happen three years later when I would begin a journey based upon that foundation that I thought was just my crazy brain trying to work through some things. 

Most of us have been in that place when nothing seems certain and we just want to connect to something that's stable. I'm not saying buying a new dress is going to give you that stability -- being apart of a positive community of women with common interests might give you a push in the right direction though. Joining a community where you feel like you can trust that the item you are buying is not just cute. In addition to being cute, each item you purchase represents your support of creating more joy in the world, supporting a company devoted to delivering loyalty, quality product, superb service, and a trustworthy environment. 

Your purchases help spread the message that bloomed something beautiful from something that started as just a mess, "an imaginary flower that never fades," an amaranth. Not just one amaranth, a whole collection. The collection that is made up of trend-setting products, styling services, professional quality cosmetics -- most importantly -- the collection that would not be complete without all of you who support Amaranth Collection by showing up, purchasing product, giving your time when it's needed, and giving feedback when things are posted on Facebook. Whether your actions are simple or great you are the reason this collection continues to grow locally, statewide, and nationally. I feel eternally grateful to God and all of you for giving me an outlet to connect with people and pursue my dream. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Outfit of the Day

I wanted to feature this adorable and affordable dress, I feel like I say that a lot but I get just as excited as you do when I find awesome wardrobe pieces that will retail at awesome prices! This dress is only $30.00. I also wanted to feature the bracelets that we paired with this outfit. SO adorable, all available at the boutique. Some are available online by clicking the links below. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Two-Way: Two ways to style one outfit from Amaranth Collection

I wanted to start showing you all how I would style some of the dresses coming into the store more than one way. I'm going to start with this dress that will be arriving later this week. Incredible Price. Adorable Dress. I've included a photo of the back of the dress too because it is just lovely! You can pre-order any of these items by following the links below, and I found at DSW online for this styling blog. 

Earrings: Jasmine Gold Chandelier Earrings $10.00

Isn't the back to die for? So unique!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Colored Skinnys: What's your Favorite Color?

I posted on the Amaranth Collection Facebook page earlier today to open up a vote. To let you all decide which color of skinny jeans are ordered for the boutique. Now I've decided to take it to the blogosphere. What is your choice? 

Monday Mumblings: Color

It's Monday!! I sort of love Mondays because I'm excited for what all can happen during the week. I love delivering style directly to you in the comfort of your own home through social media... not to mention the prices are awesome. As I was looking at some of the new incoming items I decided to write a blog about color. We are definitely in the season of color where your style revolves around how you choose to pair color. Whether it's black with a bright color, or coral with mint, your style has become blank book ready to be illustrated with your choice of color with your everyday outfits. Here are a few of my favorite colors right now. Aren't crazy about all the color? I'll post later this week about how to make neutral colors fabulous too! All items below can be found at Amaranth Collection. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Top Trends: Cap-Toe Shoes

Happy Friday Trendsetters!

I fell off the face of the earth for awhile with blogging while I was getting wedding ready. The wedding has come and gone and married life is wonderful, now it's time to get back on it with style blogging. I have a few trends I want to share this week along with sharing the mission of Amaranth Collection on a deeper level with you. This has been something that has been brought to the forefront of my attention lately and I'm working on a few blogs that I think will be meaningful to you as well.

Today, I'm obsessing over cap-toe shoes! These are hot right now, and they are going to be a super hot item when back-to-school season arrives. (I'm sorry students, it's almost time!) These are a few styles that I'm loving. I also included a photo of a SUPER adorable style that will be arriving at the boutique within the next month or two. I cannot wait!

 Above: Some of my favorite cap-toe looks this season. 

Below: The style arriving at Amaranth Collection soon! Only $36.00! Limited availability.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Colored Denim is Hot this Season

I am loving the colored denim trend. I love being able to find trendy options to put in the Amaranth Collection boutique for affordable prices. Check out these colored shorts that I'm loving right now, you can look forward to seeing these items over the next few weeks.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Check these shorts out! Style love!

I am loving the colored shorts this season. I saw these on my style watch email today and thought to myself, "I could find those for the boutique!" then I did! For less!! Arriving next week. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Color Pop!

This season is all about color. Check out this outfit I put together from Amaranth Collection for only $88.50. These are new items that are in the showroom and coming to the showroom in the next week. What is great about these items is that you can pair them with many other things, mix and match them with new outfits. This is just an example! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Sexy Chic

Here's a little outfit idea board I put together with incoming and current products at Amaranth Collection. I love the popularity of nude pumps this season! I want to order the perfect nude pump to carry in the store for all of you looking for a great neutral shoe to add to your fabulous outfit. They are so classy and stylish. Add a pop of color with this navy dress and you are ready for dinner on the patio or a night out with friends.


Gold Flower Necklace and Earring Set -$15.00 (Coming Soon!)
Orange Fabric Underlay and Gold Cutout Cuff - $12.50
Navy Sheer Illusion Deep V-Neck Dress - $40.00 (Arriving 4/12/12)
X-Factor Lumishine Lip Gloss - $11.85
Blush Glow - "Cocktail" - $13.95
Nude Pumps - COMING SOON!