Friday, May 9, 2014

Easy Way to Remove Surface Stains from Clothing

I wanted to share one of my recent discoveries on this Fabulous Friday. Around our boutique in Tulsa it is one of the most handy, cheap, and easy tricks that we use. When we first opened our store, we struggled with how to get surface stains out of clothing, you know, the simple deodorant or makeup mishap that happens when we try on clothing. It happens everyday around here, and no other trick has been our best friend more than using baby wipes. I'm talking target brand unscented baby wipes.

I've fallen in love with the magic that this simple baby wipe can do other than it's intended purpose. I even throw these things on the bottom of my swiffer and clean the floor. They're awesome!! So next time you get deodorant on your black shirt (this usually happens when you're already running late) and don't want to look like you just rode the log ride by trying to get the stain out with water, test this trick out for yourself! Keep a box of baby wipes handy, yank one of them suckers out and get on your way to having a wonderful, stain free day. Now, unfortunately this won't work on heavy stains like ink or if you're like me at accidentally squirted a heap of foundation onto your jeans this morning, this trick won't save us. (If you have that trick, please tell us, we beg you) Have you used baby wipes for other things than their created purpose for use? Does it work? Have any cool tricks like this? Share with us! Comment with your favorite simple go-to solution below.


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