Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Piko Style!

We get this question a lot from new customers, "What in the world is a piko?" It's expected. When we first heard of the "piko top" we were quite curious as to the reasoning behind the hype. When we received our first shipment we were immediately on board.

What's so great about the piko? They are comfort paired with cuteness in the best way. They are the slouchy tee without looking totally slouchy. They are big through the middle, and fitted in the arms with a dolman sleeve. They are made from a material called bamboo spandex, aka, the most comfortable material you've ever felt! These tops range from $29 - $34 depending on the length and I know I'm not alone when I say I have a drawer full of them. They are for the days that you want to look cute without making an effort, it works, that's why we love them. 

In this outfit of the day post, I paired them with my newest obsession, our stretchy distressed jean. These aren't available online yet, but they will be very soon. My husband recently asked me if I plan to wear these jeans everyday until they disintegrate... at this rate, that statement could be accurate. I can't help it, I love them! They have the comfort fit of a jegging with material that feels like denim jeans and a stretchy waist. I can't stand jeans that dig into my waist when they fit perfect everywhere else and these jeans are my absolute favorite for that reason. 

Do you love the piko as much as we do?! Tell us why you love them!


  1. Love the piko! And those jeans sound amazing. I was digging at my waist band all day. Do you have that watch in store? Love the whole outfit!

  2. The jeans are my newest obsession! yes, we still have the watch!