Wednesday, September 25, 2013

{Guest Blog} Perfect Hair for the Perfect Occasion

As the season approaches for homecoming, date parties, weddings, etc. you want to make sure and choose a hairstyle and hairdresser that best suits YOU.

Thanks to technology we can be inspired with all of the latest and greatest trends just by looking at....dare I say, Pinterest! It is a great tool to find a never ending supply of ideas for hair, makeup, and styling that perfect outfit new dress you've been dying to wear. So after you've completed step one by choosing a few options, it is then time to talk to your hairdresser. In choosing the perfect match for you here are thing things to consider - your hair type, face shape, and obviously the neckline of that new dress you cannot wait to cut the tags off of. After you've done those things you are ready to rock!

I started with Ali, now she's the girl who walked in and looked gorgeous from the start with no makeup on and freshly blow-dryed hair. You know, the one we all envy ;). After talking with Ali I learned she typically wears her hair up in (the greatest hair trend of all time) a messy bun. So doing something too formal would be beyond her comfort zone. I went with a nice, soft curl with one side swept back. A classic red carpet look if you ask me.


Next was Claire, the beautiful blonde bombshell with hair that can do just about anything! Your hair can be one of the best accessories to the right dress, so we went for something a little more bold but yet so chic. The fishtail braid turned out perfect for her. It showed her awesome bone structure, drew attention to all of the right places, and kept her from a night of fanning her neck from the heaviness of her hair.


Last but not least was Tori. This girl can literally pull of anything, and I mean A N Y- thing. So I decided to try something new with her. We've all become obsessed with the ever popular sock bun. Which if were all being honest it is the best option for that second (or third...shhh) day hair that we just don't have time to mess with! But I put a little different twist on it, Tori is one that always has her hair down so instead of taking that security away from her, I just pulled her out of her box a little bit. The bun is an incredibly chic and classy look so we just decided to take it a little lower, with still leaving her a side swept bang that brought attention to the killer eyes that girl has! And if you look closely, you can see the fun detail of the braid we wrapped around the base of the bun.


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