Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sock Bun Tutorial!

1. Cut the toe of the sock off with scissors. 
2. Begin rolling the sock into a donut-like shape
3. Roll until the sock is fully rolled into donut-like shape
4. Comb hair into high pony tail using a bristle brush or bristle comb
5. Put hair into pony tail
6. Smooth hair using the bristles of your brush or comb
7. Begin at the tips of the pony tail and stick the hair through the middle of the donut shape where the hole is. 
8. Push the hair through the middle slowly inching it down closer to your head. As you do this make sure that your hair is spread out and covers the sock. With each turn of the sock re-adjust hair so that it is covering the sock more each time. 
9. Spray flyaways with hairspray
10. Smooth the hair with your bristle brush or comb
11 and 12. TA-DA!!! 
Easiest hair-do ever!! You don't have to have extremely long hair to do this either. Try it out! 

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