Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Piko Tops and Fleece Leggings are back in stock

We got a huge shipment of Piko Tops and fleece leggings. The first day, half of them were shipped. Visit us today before we run out.

Piko Tops Back In Stock

We got a huge shipment of <a href="http://amaranthcollection.com/collections/piko">Piko Tops</a> and <a href="http://amaranthcollection.com/collections/leggings">fleece leggings</a>. The first day, half of them were shipped. Visit us today before we run out.


Gift Guide: Pattern Girl

We are highlighting that girl in your life who loves pattern, the friend or sister or mother who likes to mix it up with color or pattern. In this blog we feature winter patterns, geometric patterns, and chevron. 

B. Come Home For Love Mug $16.00
Call store to order 918.392.7858
C. Winter Pattern Fleece Leggings $10.00
Coming again soon! 
D. Parksville Boot $52.00

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: Country Chic Girl

This Wednesday we are lovin' the country chic gal in your life. She's the girl who is always put together with a little bit of rugged country flair. She's got the cute style and can pair just about anything with a fabulous pair of riding or cowboy boots. We've got the perfect gifts in mind for her! Some of these items are our most popular selling items so if they're not in stock right now, they will be within the next week!

B. Pray More, Worry Less Soy Candle from Natural Life $18.00
*Available in-store* 918.392.7858
D. Piko Top in Army $29.00 
E. Colorblock Trio Carrier $38.00
*Available in-store* 918.392.7858

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wish List Wednesday: For the Glamour Girl

The holidays are approaching and while I'm not going to create an uprising by bringing up Christmas before Halloween has arrived, I am going to start something I'm thinking about calling Wish List Wednesday. Each week we will put together a list, with a certain style in mind, of what we are loving at every price range. A list of gift options that may fit the style of your friends or maybe you'll even find a special little something for yourself. Today we are lovin' the glamour girl. She's that sassy fashionista in your life that likes color and pizazz. All of the items on our list are under $60.00. You can get all of these pieces at www.amaranthcollection.com or by calling the store 918.392.7858.
a. Pink and Pepper Duster Bootie $58.00
d. Sparkle Train Case $31.50 (In-Store Only 918.392.7858)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year when you're invited to handfuls of costume parties. It's also that time of year when you may be scrambling for creative costume ideas. We've come up with a few that ideas that we think would be fabulous and fairly easy to put together. 

After a recent trip to the Dixie Stampede, I was inspired to create a costume of the one and only Dolly Parton! Of course, you're gonna need some ... okay A LOT... of stuffing for the upper region. We looked up some ideas to help you get blessed and this is the best we could find --- toilet paper and a boulder holder with plenty of room. ;) Oh, and get a good comb and some hairspray, the higher the hair the closer to God. 

Shoes: dsw.com

This is for the sexy ladies, those of you who love to make a statement and pull of the glamorous costume. Channel your inner mermaid princess and go out on the town looking like a bombshell! 
Shoes: Target
Eyeshadow: Sephora

And for those of you who like to keep it old school, we found an adorable version of our favorite disney classic character, Minnie Mouse! This is definitely the most affordable costume on our list. Easy, cute, and leaves plenty of room to add your own creative touch!

Tops: Polyvore
Skirts: Polyvore
Mouse Ears: Wal-Mart
Nose: Party City

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Sweaters and Boots

Fall has arrived... sort of... In Oklahoma we are never quite sure but I'd like to think at least for the next two days we are going to feel some temperatures that resemble fall weather. 

I've been dying over the quality of fall clothing we have been buying for the store for the price points. Most of our sweaters are under $40 and our boots are all easily under $75, most of them under $60. Incredible! It makes me so excited to scout out the best fall pieces and sell them at prices that won't make us feel guilty for shopping! 

This bonfire beauty top has been one of our top sellers and it restocks NEXT week, it's only $26.00 and it's about the softest fall top you'll find. We've sold out of 2 orders and we are on order #3, get yours while you can! 

Happy Friday! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Piko Style!

We get this question a lot from new customers, "What in the world is a piko?" It's expected. When we first heard of the "piko top" we were quite curious as to the reasoning behind the hype. When we received our first shipment we were immediately on board.

What's so great about the piko? They are comfort paired with cuteness in the best way. They are the slouchy tee without looking totally slouchy. They are big through the middle, and fitted in the arms with a dolman sleeve. They are made from a material called bamboo spandex, aka, the most comfortable material you've ever felt! These tops range from $29 - $34 depending on the length and I know I'm not alone when I say I have a drawer full of them. They are for the days that you want to look cute without making an effort, it works, that's why we love them. 

In this outfit of the day post, I paired them with my newest obsession, our stretchy distressed jean. These aren't available online yet, but they will be very soon. My husband recently asked me if I plan to wear these jeans everyday until they disintegrate... at this rate, that statement could be accurate. I can't help it, I love them! They have the comfort fit of a jegging with material that feels like denim jeans and a stretchy waist. I can't stand jeans that dig into my waist when they fit perfect everywhere else and these jeans are my absolute favorite for that reason. 

Do you love the piko as much as we do?! Tell us why you love them!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Haute for Homecoming

Classy leather, sequins, flowing chiffon, bright colors -- what more could a girl ask for! All of these dresses are great for homecoming date parties or dances. All under $100. Available in-store now, coming soon to www.amaranthcollection.com

{Guest Blog} Perfect Hair for the Perfect Occasion

As the season approaches for homecoming, date parties, weddings, etc. you want to make sure and choose a hairstyle and hairdresser that best suits YOU.

Thanks to technology we can be inspired with all of the latest and greatest trends just by looking at....dare I say, Pinterest! It is a great tool to find a never ending supply of ideas for hair, makeup, and styling that perfect outfit new dress you've been dying to wear. So after you've completed step one by choosing a few options, it is then time to talk to your hairdresser. In choosing the perfect match for you here are thing things to consider - your hair type, face shape, and obviously the neckline of that new dress you cannot wait to cut the tags off of. After you've done those things you are ready to rock!

I started with Ali, now she's the girl who walked in and looked gorgeous from the start with no makeup on and freshly blow-dryed hair. You know, the one we all envy ;). After talking with Ali I learned she typically wears her hair up in (the greatest hair trend of all time) a messy bun. So doing something too formal would be beyond her comfort zone. I went with a nice, soft curl with one side swept back. A classic red carpet look if you ask me.


Next was Claire, the beautiful blonde bombshell with hair that can do just about anything! Your hair can be one of the best accessories to the right dress, so we went for something a little more bold but yet so chic. The fishtail braid turned out perfect for her. It showed her awesome bone structure, drew attention to all of the right places, and kept her from a night of fanning her neck from the heaviness of her hair.


Last but not least was Tori. This girl can literally pull of anything, and I mean A N Y- thing. So I decided to try something new with her. We've all become obsessed with the ever popular sock bun. Which if were all being honest it is the best option for that second (or third...shhh) day hair that we just don't have time to mess with! But I put a little different twist on it, Tori is one that always has her hair down so instead of taking that security away from her, I just pulled her out of her box a little bit. The bun is an incredibly chic and classy look so we just decided to take it a little lower, with still leaving her a side swept bang that brought attention to the killer eyes that girl has! And if you look closely, you can see the fun detail of the braid we wrapped around the base of the bun.


To book your special event hair with Andrea
Phone:  918-408-4122

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Model Call 2013

We are so excited to announce our "Face of Amaranth Collection" 2013 spring/summer model campaign! 
This is your opportunity to shine! Be featured by a rising local store that has national presence. 

How to Enter:
Email models@amaranthcollection.com 2 or 3 recent and accurately portrayed photos along with the below information. 

Rules and Regulations: 
- Must be between the ages of 16 - 25.
-If under the age of 18, you must have a legal guardian willing to sign a photo model release.
- All selected models are required to sign a photo release, allowing Amaranth Collection, Hope Toliver Photography, and Andrea Sands, Professional Hairstylist the rights to use the photos for any promotional purposes related to their specific businesses. 
- Models must be allowed to sign up for this photoshoot without needing to go through an agent. 

- All three selected models will receive a swag bag from Amaranth Collection, ultimate photo session for Amaranth Collection with Hope Toliver Photography including Hair by Andrea Sands, Professional Hairstylist, and Makeup and Personal Styling by Amaranth Collection Owner and Lead Stylist, Elizabeth Whitehead. 
- The featured model will receive: 
* $100 Amaranth Collection Gift Card
* $100 Gift Card to Andrea Sands, Professional Hairstylist
* $100 from Hope Toliver Photography

Friday, March 1, 2013

Oscars Inspired Styling for Any Budget!

I hope you were all able to check out my frugal fashion segment on Channel 8 this morning! If you missed it, here's a recap... literally, click the link below for the full segment:


I've also gone ahead and added options that are currently in the Amaranth Collection boutique! 

Our trends focus: Lace, Peplum, and Coral! 


 What's at Amaranth?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Styled!....again...and again...

I am all about pairing new things with what you already have. I embarked on a project to find low-priced designer or quality items to pair with items that I already had in my closet to a segment I was asked to do for the local morning show. If you were a viewer of our little segment, THANK YOU! I always appreciate the love and support from all of you. 

Outfit #1
Nikibiki Camisole from Amaranth Collection $15.00
Necklaces from Amaranth Collection and Forever 21 (about 5 years ago)
Belt $10.00 or less and I honestly cannot remember where I got it, it has been in my closet for years
Lace Top, JCPenney $10.00
Jeans from Amaranth Collection $38.00
Shoes, DSW, I found them in the clearance section and bought them for less than half price

Outfit #2
All the same as #1, except I changed my shoes. I also found these adorable and comfortable boots at DSW in the clearance section.

Outfit #3
Same as #1, added a jacket from my closet that I've had since 2010 from H&M and I added shoes that I have used as a staple piece for years from DSW. Having a pair of black pumps comes in handy when you are taking an outfit from casual to dressy. It's not hard to find a great pair at a great price if you're willing to look. 

Casual Outfit
I re-used almost the entire same outfit from the first round except I used a different color camisole from my collection of colors. 
Pink Top, Marshall's, $12.99
Necklaces from Amaranth Collection

Going Out and Dressy
You can do SO much to an outfit by interchanging staple pieces like cardigans, jackets, necklaces, and shoes. There's no need to buy new outfits every single time. Most of the time you have some great pieces to make an outfit already at your fingertips. Most of the time you just need that one extra piece to make the outfit. 

This post is to show that it isn't too hard to find. When you're at a store, browse the sale racks if you're looking for a deal. If you want what is new and trendy, browse Facebook. Another one of my favorite sites is Polyvore. It's a way to help me know what is hot and what the average price point is for those items so I know what to base my buying decisions on. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sock Bun Tutorial!

1. Cut the toe of the sock off with scissors. 
2. Begin rolling the sock into a donut-like shape
3. Roll until the sock is fully rolled into donut-like shape
4. Comb hair into high pony tail using a bristle brush or bristle comb
5. Put hair into pony tail
6. Smooth hair using the bristles of your brush or comb
7. Begin at the tips of the pony tail and stick the hair through the middle of the donut shape where the hole is. 
8. Push the hair through the middle slowly inching it down closer to your head. As you do this make sure that your hair is spread out and covers the sock. With each turn of the sock re-adjust hair so that it is covering the sock more each time. 
9. Spray flyaways with hairspray
10. Smooth the hair with your bristle brush or comb
11 and 12. TA-DA!!! 
Easiest hair-do ever!! You don't have to have extremely long hair to do this either. Try it out!